District Writers’ Academy’s mission is to create a safe and inspiring space for young writers to explore, learn and empower themselves through writing.

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Enrollment Cap:  8 students.

Instructor: Suzanne Zweizig

Location: Hera Hub DC, 5028 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite #100, Wash DC (Jr. Level)

Virtual (Sr. Level)

Camp Tuition: $425 (Includes Handbook)

Please familiarize yourself with our refund policy

Fundamentals of Academic Writing Summer Bootcamp

Session I: (Jr. Level: Rising 7-9 Graders): August 12-16. 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.
Session II: (Sr. Level: Rising 10-12 Graders): August 12-16, 1:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Start the academic year strong with this one-week workshop, which teaches the basic skills for writing an academic essay (prewriting, thesis statements, organization, specificity, paragraph development, research, transitions). Our interactive, workshop-style methodology creates a collaborative, hands-on space for teens to improve their writing. We’ll also teach tricks for navigating the writing process effectively and efficiently, to help with issues such as writers’ block and avoidance. This camp is limited to eight students, so each student gets hands-on attention and plenty of feedback in a nongraded, constructive environment.

This course will

  • Teach academic writing skills in a hands-on, supportive environment
  • Break down components of good paper writing using visual tools, models and interactive exercises
  • Give students plenty of time to write, rewrite and practice
  • Demystify the writing process, so students can see how good writing actually happens (i.e. not by a sudden bolt of inspiration)
  • Provide practical strategies to overcome common writing blocks, such as perfectionism, lack of ideas, overwhelmed with too many ideas, etc.
  • Provide copious, but ungraded feedback to help students build on their strengths.
  • Show students how to work with outside sources in a responsible, professional way.
  • Teach revision strategies, so students become astute editors of their work.
  • Provide a handbook with models, tips and reference tools that students can keep as a writing resource
  • Make your student love writing?  Well, maybe at least not hate it…

Instructor: Suzanne Zweizig. Suzanne is the Founder and Director of District Writers Academy She holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of North Carolina and an M.F.A in Creative Writing from the University of Florida. An award-winning writer herself, Suzanne has been teaching writing for almost 30 years, the last ten of them to students privately in the D.C. area.
Read more about Suzanne here.


What people are saying about our courses:

"Suzanne convinced my kid that her creativity is worth sharing. I feel great knowing those foundational skills and confidence will benefit my daughter well into college and beyond.” 


Parent, Walt Whitman High School (MCPS)

“Suzanne heavily influenced both of our children to open up and write like nobody had ever done before!  She has a gift!!”


Parent, Maret School, Washington, D.C.

“I loved working with Suzanne. I never thought I could like writing and poetry, but somehow she made me enjoy it.” 


Former Student

“Camp was very fun because I felt like, as much as the teacher was teaching us, we were all working together and sharing thoughts and feedback as a group.” 


Student, Summer Poetry Camp 2023

"Suzanne helped me discover my creativity and confidence, and most importantly, she taught me how to love writing."

Ariana S.

Former Student, Maret School

“It was fun! There were many writing exercises that I had never explored before. My instructor was very helpful and encouraging. We all took turns sharing our work, and everyone was kind. It made me feel very secure.”


Student, Summer Poetry Camp 2023

District Writers’ Academy’s mission is to create a safe and inspiring space for young writers to explore, learn and empower themselves through writing.