Our Philosophy: Making Writers for a Lifetime!

  Inspiration and confidence are the core principles underlying our philosophy at District Writers’ Academy. We teach writing skills that empower our students to become independent, successful writers and that give them the confidence to write with purpose, creativity and, yes, joy.

We teach everything from how to approach the blank page and spark creativity, to fine points of wording, grammar and style.

Our academic writing classes are unique in that they focus on both writing process and product. They break down skills in easy-to-understand ways and demystify the structure of good writing, so that all writers have a chance to achieve.

Our creative writing classes both inspire and build skills, providing an exciting and supportive space where writers can explore the power of language and their voice.

And if you are a professional seeking to improve your written communication, our writing classes and coaching will give you concrete strategies to write more concisely, efficiently and clearly.  Your colleagues will love us!

We have a special penchant for students who experience resistance to writing or who need extra support to achieve; we love to see them find the power of their voice and become writers for life. So if you, or your child, has been shy about writing up until now, we would love to work with you.

Our teaching method is interactive, creative, based on sound pedagogy, and fun. We adapt all our lessons to the needs and learning styles of individual students.


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Please note: We do not offer manuscript review or editing services. Although we often work with our writing students in the context of their current writing projects, we are not here to be readers or editors of their work. Instead, we teach the art of writing and provide guidance, tools and inspiration to help students explore, practice and polish the life-long skills of writing in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Becky W. parent

Walt Whitman High School (MCPS)

Learning to write can be a daunting task for teenagers, but Suzanne has made the
process rewarding and fun for my sophomore. Suzanne demystifies the writing process,
from organizing ideas and developing arguments to sentence formation and transitions.
More than that, she’s convinced my kid that her creativity is worth sharing. I feel great
knowing those foundational skills and confidence will benefit my daughter well into
college and beyond.