District Writers’ Academy’s mission is to create a safe and inspiring space for young writers to explore, learn and empower themselves through writing.

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Enrollment Cap:  8 students.

Instructor: Laura Scalzo

Location: Hera Hub DC, 5028 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite #100, Wash DC

Camp Tuition: $425 (Includes Handbook)

Please familiarize yourself with our refund policy

Creative Writing Level II--Fiction
(Sr. Level-Rising 10-12 Graders)

June 24 - June 28 — 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

This camp will dive into the art of fiction—teaching the basic elements of plot, description, character, scene setting, imagery, point of view. Although we’ll practice mostly short stories and flash fiction due to time constraints, teens who want to (or are) working on larger projects such as novellas and novels, will also learn relevant tips and skills to write their projects. No previous experience in fiction writing is required, just a commitment and curiosity to learn and explore. This is a great camp for students who have an idea for a book and need a way to get started, for those who are interested in exploring creative writing, or for those who feel stuck in more traditional writing classes and just need to gain confidence writing. The skills learned here will translate into academic writing as well.

Students will

  • Learn basic elements of story writing (plot, description, character, scene setting, imagery) through fun, interactive writing exercises and games
  • Write their own stories in our guided, interactive workshops
  • Be introduced to great writing and writers
  • Receive constructive, ungraded feedback
  • Explore creatively with language and words.
  • Develop confidence in the writing process and become better overall writers
  • Receive a course handbook with writing exercises and tips.

Instructor: Laura Scalzo Laura Scalzo is the author of two novels, The Speed of Light in Air, Water, and Glass, praised as “lyrical and insightful,” and American Arcadia, “a gorgeous riff of a New York City novel.” Her shorter work has appeared in various literary magazines including Had, Ellipsis Zine, Reflex Fiction, and the Grace & Gravity Series. She was a 2023 Chautauqua Writer-in-Residence and is a 2024 recipient of a DC Arts Grant. She is a graduate of Syracuse University after which she held a variety of jobs including waitress, office temp, copywriter, Eurodollar broker on the Japanese Desk, and energy commodities derivatives broker. She’s lived in Washington, DC for 20 years where she and her husband raised their two children. Find out more about her at laurascalzo.com.


What people are saying about our courses:

District Writers’ Academy convinced my kid that her creativity is worth sharing. I feel great knowing those foundational skills and confidence will benefit my daughter well into college and beyond.”


Parent, Walt Whitman High School (MCPS)

I loved the course. I never thought I could like writing, but somehow they made it enjoyable.”


Former Student

“Camp was very fun because I felt like, as much as the teacher was teaching us, we were all working together and sharing thoughts and feedback as a group.”


Student, Summer Poetry Camp 2023

“District Writers’ Academy helped me discover my creativity and confidence, and most importantly, taught me how to love writing."

Ariana S.

Former Student, Maret School

“Camp was fun! There were many writing exercises that I had never explored before. My teacher was very helpful and encouraging. We all took turns sharing our work, and everyone was kind. It made me feel very secure.”


Student, Summer Poetry Camp 2023

District Writers’ Academy’s mission is to create a safe and inspiring space for young writers to explore, learn and empower themselves through writing.